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About District 37

District 37 knows that your vehicle is a heavy investment. How you take care of your vehicles appearance has a direct effect on the overall value. Your car is the second largest purchase next to a home, and the way you maintain your vehicle will help hold/add value whether selling or keeping your vehicle. That's why it's important to let the professionals at District37 take care of it for you.

At District 37, We cater all kinds of car accessories and car services with a highly experienced team who are into repairing and fixing the cars and in cleaning process as well. District 37’ is the final destination for your all sorts of car accessories. We have a huge store of accessories of all types of models from different brands of cars to meet the demands of our patrons. The car accessories market is a very exhaustive one and thus we are an entity which prides itself on bringing to your quality accessories to transform your car into an object of pride for you. We understand the need of the patrons and thus offer customized products as well depending upon the requirement.

Delivering a clean and shiny car at the end of the wash process is no small task. Remember regular car washing makes your car look better and you to feel better, everyone is just happier driving a clean, shiny car. Our staff is fully equipped to serve you to the best. We are all committed in making your vehicle the cleanest, smooth running, shiniest vehicle at District 37.


Our vision is to seek continually to improve our skills and the quality of our products and services in the eyes of our Customer. We desire and work towards to be more proactive by anticipating the needs of our Customers. We will be caring and responsive to requests while being honest and timely, avoiding false expectations.


Vehicles perform a vital role in our day to day lives making us feel better. we provide excellent auto services to repair and maintain your vehicle at affordable cost. Our experienced technicians are skilled in every aspect of your vehicle’s operation. Our Mission is to serve our customers and always deliver the quality level of service. Our auto service expertise will keep your vehicle on the road and running in good condition. We believe by conducting ourselves in an environmentally responsible manner.


A value statement recognizes a field of role in which an organization must operate to allow it to move quickly toward its vision. Our Values are:

  • Commitment: We are committed to being the best
  • Trust and Respect: Our greatest asset is our team members.
  • Personal Responsibility: Team members take ownership of their actions.
  • Safety: Every effort will be made to ensure the safety to your vehicles